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and a complete collection of Anna Konya Skirts



                                           Coreen Cordova  and  Anna Konya
we carry the most complete collection of Anna's incredible skirts that you will find anywhere!

plus hundreds of fabulous  charms and chains

Just click on the "Ladies' Fashion" Concho then go to "Skirts...skirts...skirts"

or click "Ladies' Fashions then click the Accessories (charm necklace photo) for a complete assortment of charms and chains.

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BAGGIT is a contemporary  western clothing boutique  featuring  an  extraordinary  array of   fashionable  western clothing  for  women.  at this western clothing boutique Choose  from many  styles  of  fine  handmade cowboy boots, 10x and 8x beaver hats, exceptional  contemporary  cowgirl  clothing,  Martin McCrea  velvet  and lace,  Christopher BlueJeans, Coreen Cordova charms and chains , retro styles,  unique leather vests and jackets, Sueded rayon broom skirts and shirts.  This Western Clothing Boutique has great  tapestry  blanket jackets  and  vests,   Baggit a Western Clothing Boutique also has fabulous concho belts and accessories, and the ever famous Anna Konya skirts.

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